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Evil Dead 3: Army Of Darkness (1993)
The Undertaker
Evil Dead 3: Army Of Darkness We all know itís really Evil Dead part three, but the studio wasnít gonna send it out with that name tagging along, so Army it was and is. With a bigger budget and an even less serious tone than two, Army went out and made a ton of cash. Honestly, this is my least favorite of the three, but I still enjoy it, just not on the same lever as one, or two for that matter. Itís a good movie, good FX, Bruce Campbell does a great job (he co-produced this too I think), but; it just seems to try and be a little too cute sometimes. Some of the dialog and one-liners are funny and memorable, for some reason though, as the years go by I find myself liking this movie less and less. Oh well, maybe someday Iíll feel differently. Maybe someday a part four will be made, a part four that goes back to the unrelenting brutality of the original. You canít fault a guy for dreaming, can you? Basically, it feels to me like too much Hollywoody got in Army and all that comedy shit had to be put in to try and make this film appeal to a wider audience and sell more seats. I guess it worked. Raimi used it as stepping-stone to bigger paydays. Bruce got Brisco County Junior. Some people love this thing; itís their favorite horror film. It entertains me, but it ainít all that. Iím sure anyone reading this has the d vhs, dvd, and bootlegs (official and Medieval Dead versions), and is cussiní me right now. Didnít say I donít like or enjoy it, but thereís a reason you see 300 people at every horror con sporting Evil Dead Shirts, not Army of Darkness shirts.

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