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The Evil Dead (1983)
The Undertaker
The Evil Dead - Evil Dead Here we are folks. Time to look at a REAL classic. What else can be said about this movie? E.D. made names like Raimi, Campbell, and Sullivan household words to horror fans around the globe. Well, maybe two out of three names, hehehehe, sorry Tom. Kinda strange how the man who worked the hardest and was probably as big a part of the film’s success as anyone got the least out of it financially and credit wise. E.D. is probably the last really classic cult horror film I can think of. There’s been some good ones since and some great ones too, but nothing this legendary. Bad Taste and Brain Dead (Dead Alive) came close for me, but they’re too much comedy. E.D. is pure evil! Sure the two sequels went for the laughs, but the first went for the throat, the guts, and your soul. Do you really wanna spend a night at a cabin in the woods now? Do you remember how you felt the first time you saw E.D.? I always enjoyed showing it to people that had never seen it before with the lights out; long ago, hehehehe! Wow, it doesn’t seem that old. This movie is a prime example of low budget film making that triumphed over itself in spite of its genre. Luckily for us, a bunch of no-names from nowhere will go down in movie history. Thankfully, Tom Sullivan’s work and ideas gave this film some of the best FX and coolest looking nasty shit to ever spew forth on a screen. The acting wasn’t half bad either. It just turns into a roller coaster nightmare into hell by the end. E.D.’s kinetic camera work will also go down in film history. Those zooms and moves are some of the best ever. Book of the Dead, possessions, pencil in the foot, and those horny trees all have become so much a part of our lives now these many years since its release. Wasn’t lucky enough to see this in a theater, maybe some of you people were. I certainly hope so. I would have loved to see people’s reactions back then. Evil Dead is so powerful even mainstreamers respect it and fear its name. When people not into horror that much can appreciate it, then this film must have done its job. We now speak the name with the likes of Halloween, The Exorcist, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and the other heavyweights horror champs. They way things are going, Evil Dead may have been our last great champion!

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