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The Evil Dead - Evil Dead Horror Movies Tribute Site Was Evil Dead the last great American cult horror film? Who knows? It and its sequels have sure developed a legion of die-hard fans, an Army of Darkness if you will, over the years. It sure doesn't seem like 20 years have passed since it spewed forth. Evil Dead came out during (slightly after some might say) that booming period of slasher films in the early 80's, offering something far different for fans than what they'd grown accustomed to those prior years. The results put forth by a guerilla film making crew and a cast of no name but talented actors and actresses certainly dropped the jaws of horror fans not knowing what to expect from this low budget film.

Dead benefited from its video release more than anything else, as the theatrical run wasn't huge. Hell, I can't remember a theater showing it anywhere close to my neck of the woods, that's for sure. Video brought this film home to scare the shit out of everyone that could get their hands on it from that good ole' Mom & Pop store down the road. I still think that and word of mouth more than anything else helped get people behind this movie. As soon as you saw it once and got over the shock, you had to watch it again... and again. Evil Dead is about as relentless a horror movie as you'll ever see.

Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn made for a great sequel, adding more humor to make it feel a bit different than the 1st, but it still had some great moments and was filled with non-stop fun. It only helped the legendary status of Evil Dead grow larger. Two gave a one-armed man a fighting chance against the forces of evil, okay; well he did have a chainsaw replacement hand to help. The comedy elements for me lessen the film compared to the original, but not much. It's a worthy continuation.

Evil Dead 3: Army of Darkness takes the Evil Dead world back to the past with Ash as more of an action hero type. Funny, intense, and full of great dialog, Army seems more like an action adventure epic than a horror film sometimes. Still, there's plenty of Dead in here and the Deadites are a gruesome bunch. Ash finally gets back to safety in this one, or does he. If you've seen that alternate version that's out there, you might have some doubts. This 3rd film is far removed from the first, but makes up for it in fun. It made a nice way to end a trilogy, if it's truly ended that is. A fourth Evil Dead film keeps popping up in rumor so we shall see what happens on that front.

If it remains a threesome, then it was quite a good one. These films are right up there with Romero's Dead films in my book. What more praise can you give a film series that started in a cabin in the woods than that? will of course keep a watch out in case a new movie does arise. If not, we're happy in remembering this classic series. Doubt we'll see anything like these again.
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